About Me

I am a professional freelance writer and author with over 15 years of experience in various writing capacities.  I have a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Education and an Associate of Arts Degree in Nursing. 


I was one of the first female paramedics in Arizona and have also worked as an ER nurse and supervisor, a medical transcriptionist, phlebotomist, administrative assistant and marketing assistant.  In college, my answer on a Freshman English exam was published in a textbook illustrating the ideal way to respond to an essay test question.  My first published article, which appeared in a parenting magazine in 1995, dealt with creative solutions to being a work-at-home mom, and my writing career took off from there.

As a writer, I take great pride in the caliber of my work and will not deliver a finished piece until I am satisfied with its quality.  I have chosen to focus on press release writing because I enjoy the creative challenge of synthesizing a client's information into a release that is both concise and captivating.  It is my sincere pleasure to shine the limelight on your business, product or service.  Happily, I am often told that my press releases are "the best" a client has ever received.


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Becca Gladden