Geoff Notkin

My professional relationship with Becca Gladden bagan when I was the keynote speaker at a major science event that she had organized.  "I wish you were MY public relations director," I said to her, because of the care and efficiency with which she ran the entire function.  Becca began working for me shortly thereafter, and now oversees all aspects of my companies' public relations, including press releases, bios, booking and management of public appearances, and even liaison between sponsors, networks, and production companies.  She frequently accompanies me to public events to ensure that everything runs smoothly and also handles much of our official social media.  Becca is an excellent writer, editor, and proofreader and is also a person of impeccable integrity and honesty.  She is a tremendous asset to my organization and is constantly generating new ideas and leads for us.  She has never missed a deadline and receives our highest possible recommendation.

Geoff Notkin

Television host:  "Meteorite Men" and "STEM Journals"

Executive producer, author, publisher

Managing Member, Aeorlite Meteorites, LLC

Board of Governors / Governors Council at National Space Society

Geoff Notkin

About Me

I am a professional freelance writer and author with over 15 years of experience in various writing capacities.


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